Cromo is specifically designed for the furnishing of non food section.

This programme is completed with unit shelving and accessories. The extremely flexible base structure allows modification with a few simple operations. The point of sale's overall aspect can, in this way, be varied over time and assume, at different moments, the most appropriate aesthetic look and functionality required by the products displayed.

Many colours are available: red, blue, orange, yellow, green, grey, ivory and black may be matched with the refined ivory of the base structure.

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Solid and essential, Food is an unit shelving for containing and displaying with maximum rationally.

The possible solutions are infinite for furnishing from the smallest display areas to ample surfaces for large - scale distribution, thanks to a vast range of elements variable in height, width and depth.

In a production - a complete range of accessories from wooden bread bins to dividers and edgings in zinc - cromed steel wire, off differing sizes and types to satisfy to every space and destination need.

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Thanks to the furnishings designed by our company, setting up Bakers & Confectioner's shops is a simple operation.

Advanced technology applied to top - design project, excellent - quality materials, the enhancement of the sales outlet and products.

The sum of these elements represents the answer to the daily need for efficiency, practically and good looks.

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